Experience nature’s positive effects through a summer rafting adventure on the river Tara. Experience one of Europe's deepest canyons and one of the world's shortest rivers - Ljutica. For those who wish to complement and enhance their experience, we recommend a two-day rafting adventure with an overnight stay at the hotel "Porto Tara", which is located at the deepest point of the canyon. Rafting can also be organized on the Moraca and Zeta rivers.

Explorer DMC Active offers:


Each tour is organized according to the clients' wishes. Here are our three package options:

• BASIC PACKAGE: rafting tour with all the necessary equipment;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package and a meal;
FULL PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package, a meal, and accommodation.

Important information:

● The minimum number of people on a boat, excluding the skipper, is 2
● The maximum number of people per boat, excluding the skipper, is 12
● There is a possibility of organizing tours with a combination of the following activities: jeep safari tours, quad tours, fly & fishing, fishing, canyoning, mount-biking, camping, hunting, and ziplines
● All clients are insured during the program

• Rafting accessories include:

● suits of the German brand MARES - 2.5mm thick short suits
● suits of the Slovenian brand SANDELINE - 8mm thick two-piece suits
● Czech brand HIKO vests, helmets and rafting shoes
● rubber boats of the English - French brand AVON, Czech PULSAR and the Slovenian GUMOTEX. The boat comes equipped with oars, a first aid kit, waterproof bags for mobile phones, and a refrigerator for storing soft drinks.

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Did you know :

• That Explorer DMC Active manages the hotel "Porto Tara", which is an intermediate stop for the realization of two-day and multi-day rafting trips on the river Tara?
• That the bridge on Tara was listed among the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world?
• That Tara is one of the longest rafting rivers, having a total length of 130km in August?
• Is Tara Canyon the second deepest canyon in the world?
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