Kolasin 1450 is situated in central-continental Montenegro on the mountain Bjelasica. Its highest peak, Crna Glava, is 2139 meters high. The resort itself is situated nine kilometers away from the town of Kolasin.
The beginnings of modern skiing on Bjelasica date back to 1990, when the first cable car was built. After privatization in 2007, the ski center Bjelasica changed its name to Kolasin 1450.
Kolasin is located 395 kilometers from Belgrade, and it can be reached via the main sea road or from Podgorica. You can also take the Ibar highway via Rudnik and Cacak and Uzice and Zlatibor from Serbia. The road continues for another 70 kilometers through Bjelo Polje and Mojkovac after crossing the border at Brodarevo. Without counting the border stop, the drive to the destination will take about seven hours.
It takes a little more than an hour to drive from Podgorica due to the road's length and its route through the Moraca canyon.
For all adventure lovers, arriving by train is certainly an option, given that the train station in Kolasin is less than a kilometer from the city center.

Presentation of ski resorts in Montenegro

 Presentation of ski resorts in Montenegro
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