If you have enough free time during your vacation in Montenegro and you want an adventure, we recommend activities in adventure parks. The activities are intended for guests aged from 4 to 70. There is a possibility of organizing group visits as well as competitive activities within the Team Building event.

Ivanova Korita Adventure Park is located in the Lovćen National Park. The park has 11 trails.
Adventure Park Gorica is located in the capital city Podgorica and has 6 trails.
Adventure park Kolašin is located in front of the hotel Bianca 4 * in Kolašin and has 4 trails.

We organize each tour depending on the client's wishes. Accordingly, we have four types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: activities in the adventure park with all the necessary equipment;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 1: combination of basic package + meal;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 2: combination of basic package + accommodation;
• FULL PACKAGE: combination of basic package + meals + accommodation.

Important information:

• We organize tours with our instructors;
• Min. No. of persons is 1;
• Max. No. of persons per one group is 100;
• There is a possibility of organizing Adventure park activities with a combination of the following activities: jeep safari tours, quad tours, hiking, biking, knight games, and obstacle courses trainings;
• During the program all clients are covered with insurance;
• Necessary equipment for all activities are belts, gloves and helmets.


Did you know:

• That Explorer owns three adventure parks: AP Lovćen, AP Gorica and AP Kolašin?
• That Explorer organizes a traditional competition in the discipline speed crossing of tracks at AP Gorica every year?
• That AP Gorica with the cafeteria, in 2017 received the award for the best picnic area in Podgorica?