If you have enough free time during your vacation in Montenegro and are looking for adventure, we recommend activities in adventure parks. Visitors aged 4 to 70 can take part. There is a possibility of organizing group visits and competitive activities within the Team Building event.

Ivanova Korita Adventure Park is located in the National Park Lovćen. A total of 11 trails crisscross the park.
Adventure Park Gorica is a 6-trail park located in Podgorica, the capital city.
The adventure park Kolasin has four trails and is located in front of the Bianca 4* hotel.

We tailor each tour to the individual needs of our clients. We offer four types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: activities in the adventure park with all the necessary equipment
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 1: a combination of the basic package and a meal
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 2: combination of basic package and accommodation
• FULL PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package, meals and accommodation

Important information:

• The tours are led by our instructors
•A minimum of one person is required for the activity
•The maximum number of people per group is 100
• There is a possibility to combine the following activities at an adventure park: Jeep safari tours, quad tours, hiking, biking, knight games, and obstacle course trainings
•All clients are insured during the program
•All activities require belts, gloves, and helmets as mandatory equipment.

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Did you know:
• That Explorer owns three adventure parks: AP Lovćen, AP Gorica and AP Kolašin?
• That Explorer organizes a traditional speed-crossing contest at AP Gorica every year?
• That AP Gorica, with its cafeteria, received the award for the finest picnic area in Podgorica in 2017?

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