3 days of snow adventure

Montenegro has one of the greatest potentials for organizing exciting snowmobile tours in Eastern Europe. With the mountains located at over 2000 meters above sea level, the winter season usually lasts from December to the beginning of May. We organize snowmobile tours on Durmitor and Sinjajevina, where there are over 1000 km of trails. Our main base for the winter season is in Njegovudja on Žabljak. We recommend a three-day snowmobile tour that allows you to explore Sinjajevina, visit mountain households and lakes, and experience Durmitor's charms at the same time.

A minimum of one person is required for the tour
The maximum number of participants is 20

Snowmobile adventure: from 799.00 EUR per person / per snowmobile, including 4 * hotel, HB service, 3-day adventure, and our logistics services.

Between dream and reality


Kolasin is the starting point for our off-road adventure. Biogradsko Lake is located in the heart of the Biogradska Gora National Park, which is known for its exceptional flora and fauna. Starting at the lake, the ATV tour proceeds through the Biograd rainforest, which is one of the most protected rainforests in Europe. The way is filled with beautiful scenery of the National Park and the wild forest environment. Our next stop is Bendovac, a splendid viewpoint from which we can admire Lake Biograd and the National Park. A short break will be taken for photo shooting and free time, then we will return to the lake through the forest. Lunch will be served at the katun - a rural household. Lunch is followed by a trip to Kolasin, where dinner and overnight stay are arranged.


After lunch, we set off for an off-road adventure across Sinjajevina. Kolasin is the starting point for the tour, followed by Lipovo, which lies at the foot of the beautiful mountain Sinjajevina- renowned for its vast pastures and greenery. We continue our journey past Lipovo and through Vratlo, a kind of gateway to the mountain Sinjajevina, which is 1730 m above sea level. From Vratlo, we head across Sinjajevina to Ječmen Dol, an alpine camp located 1730 metres above sea level. The next step on our journey will take us at 2203 m above sea level to Jablanovo Vrh, one of the highest peaks in Sinjajevina. Further along, we reach the 19th century church Ruzica built by King Nikola. This will be followed by a picnic lunch. We will end the day by going to Zabljak, where dinner and a night at the hotel will be arranged.


Durmitor is one of Montenegro's most visited national parks.
Following breakfast, the tour departs from Polar Star Hotel and heads toward the Stuoc ski center. We then continue to the highest Balkan villages, Bosaca and Mala Crna Gora, inhabited all year round, from which you can see the Black Lake. Using vehicles, we will climb up to the altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and descend into the canyon of Susica. This canyon separates the Piva and Durmitor mountains and is home to brown bears. Following that, we continue our journey towards the village of Nedajno and across the Pivska mountain range. Upon reaching the village of Trsa, lunch will be served at the local cuisine restaurant. As we continue across the Piva mountain to Durmitor, we will pass by the famous Montenegrin rock Prutas. Our journey continues at the foot of Durmitor to the village of Sedlo at 1907 m altitude en route to Zabljak. Our trip takes us by 3 beautiful glacial lakes: Modro, Poscensko, and Valovito.

A minimum of one person is required for the tour
The maximum number of participants is 25
Price per person / per quad ranges from 699.00 € including 4* hotel, HB service, 3-day ATV adventure and our logistic services.

Rafting tour Splaviste - Radovan Luka - Scepan polje

Day 1

Starting from Kolasin, we drive towards Splaviste for one hour and thirty minutes in a jeep, passing through the National Park Biogradska Gora and Mojkovac. The road takes us through the Crna Poda rainforest, one of the largest black pine reserves in Europe. We start our rafting journey from Splaviste, which is located in Durmitor National Park. We will raft through the pristine nature of the national park as we pass by the river Ljutica, underneath one of the tallest bridges in Europe, the 149m high Tara bridge. We continue the trip over Zeleni vir, Zugić Lever Tara, all the way to the hotel Radovan Luka at the foot of Curevac - the deepest point of the Tara Canyon - 1330m. We will wrap up the day with a local cuisine food tasting by the campfire before spending the night at the hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, we set off from Radovan Luka hotel towards Scepan Polje. A highlight of the tour will be the opportunity to see the most impressive waterfall in the Tara canyon, Baylovicha Shige. Following a short break on Bajlovica Sige, we continue to the camp Brstanovica, where the most thrilling rafting of the river begins with over 22 rapids within 18 kilometers. The rafting journey ends at Scepan Polje - Sastavci, where the rivers Tara and Piva join to form the Drina. The tour ends with lunch at a local restaurant. The total length of the two-day rafting trip is 96 kilometers. Throughout the tour, in addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenery and exciting rafting, we will enjoy swimming, sunbathing and relaxing on many beautiful beaches. We will spend the night in Zabljak.

A minimum of one person is required for the tour
The maximum number of participants is 99

Price per person ranges from 149.00€, including insurance, accommodation in hotel Radovan Luka, four meals (first day - lunch and dinner, second day - breakfast and lunch).

Relax&Chill Out


A 295-kilometer long coast, mild Mediterranean climate, natural beauty, and rich history make Montenegro an attractive sailing destination. It is highly recommended you visit the Bay of Kotor, the longest fjord in Southern Europe, as well as the Old Town of Kotor, which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Discover the splendor of the most popular Montenegrin coastline - the Budva Riviera and the Bay of Kotor, as well as the fishing villages of Petrovac and Sveti Stefan that have now become two of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Montenegro.
You can rent all our boats with skippers who have years of experience sailing this part of the Mediterranean. Our boats can also be rented without a skipper, provided that the person operating the vessel possesses valid skipper credentials and VHF radio licenses.

Here are our recommendations:

Day 1

A sailing trip departing from Bar
Lunch at restaurant Galija
Dinner at the Astoria hotel in Budva

Day 2

A sailing trip from Budva to Tivat
Lunch at Almara Restaurant in Lustica Bay

Day 3

A sailing trip from Tivat to Kotor
Lunch at the Conte restaurant in Perast

Day 4

Transfer from Kotor to Njegusi
Lunch at Njegusi

****Prices start at 895.00€ per person, including VAT.

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