Paintball is a strategic extreme sports game, which mimics short fire contact in confined spaces.

For this type of imitation, a special pneumatic rifle is used, from which coloured balls are fired. The basic rules of the game are extremely simple.

A group of people compete against each other until one person or team triumphs over another. Whoever reaches the objective first or stays in the game the longest wins. Although the specific objectives may vary, depending on the imagination of the designer, the overall framework remains the same. Our paintball locations include Lovcen (Ivanova Korita), Kotor (Vrmac mountain), Cetinje (Fabrika Obod), and Bar (Sutorman mountain).

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• MULTI-DAY TOURS lasting 2 to 5 days.

Each tour is arranged according to the clients' wishes. Here are our four package options:

• BASIC PACKAGE: paintball with all necessary equipment
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 1: a combination of the basic package and a meal
MEDIUM PACKAGE 2: a combination of the basic package and accommodation
• FULL PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package, meals and accommodation.

Important information:

Fishing is arranged with licensed instructors;
The minimum number of participants per group is 2
The maximum number of people per group is 20

There is the possibility of combining paintball with other activities like jeep safaris and quad tours, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, and camping
All clients are insured during the program
• Paintball equipment includes suits, helmets, ammunition, and paintball markers

Did you know:

Montenegro offers many opportunities for this discipline since 80% of the territory is covered by forest, pasture, and meadow.
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