The easiest way to discover all the charms of one country is by having bicycle tours.
Despite its beauty, Montenegro is still a secret to many cycling enthusiasts in Europe and around the world. With its green, gentle, and tame appearance on one hand, and its rugged, naked and wild features on the other, Montenegro awaits discovery.

Discover the charms of road cycling trails in the Bay of Kotor and mountain biking in Orjen, Rumija, and Lovcen.

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• MULTI-DAY TOURS lasting from 2 to 14 days.

Each tour is tailored to the client's needs. Accordingly, we have three types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: the bicycle tour with all the necessary equipment
• MEDIUM PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package and a meal
• FULL PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package, meals and accommodation;

Important information:

• All the tours are arranged with experienced guides
•The minimum number of participants is 1
•The maximum number of people per group / per guide is 10

•In addition, tours can be arranged with a combination of the following activities: jeep safari tours, quad tours, cruising, hiking, rafting, canyoning, hunting, fishing, camping, visits to local households and wineries
•All clients are insured during the program

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Did you know:

● That cycling improves heart function? An aerobic activity like this encourages the blood flow through the vessels and the air flow through the lungs, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
● That by walking or riding a bike to and from work instead of driving a car you decrease harmful gas emissions by 1.3 kilograms every 10 km?

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