In Montenegro, diving is characterized by various unusual places. We will show fans of sunken ships the most interesting wrecks in Montenegro. Underwater caves and caves in the Adriatic Sea are great for fans of cave diving. Beginner divers will also be interested in: reef diving, diving around the island of Mamula, diving in submarine tunnels and many other unique places in Montenegro.

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• MULTI-DAY TOURS lasting from 2 to 7 days.

We organize each tour depending on the client's wishes. Accordingly, we have three types of packages:
• BASIC PACKAGE: diving with all necessary equipment;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 1: combination of basic package + meal;
• FULL PACKAGE: combination of basic package + meals + accommodation

As well as:


Important information:

• We organize tours with our guides;
• Min no. of persons per boat is 1;
• Max no. of persons per group / guide is 4;
• There is a possibility of organizing tours with a combination of the following activities: cruising, jet ski, speed boat, yachting, kitesurfing, parasailing.
• During the program all clients are covered with insurance;
• Supporting equipment for diving:

-suits (short and two-piece)

-diving bottles

-rubber boats / boats, first aid kit, waterproof bags for mobile phone or appliance, as well as a refrigerator where we can keep nonalcoholic drinks.


Want to experience unforgettable feelings and see new places? You can achieve that with us! Diving in Montenegro gives you great opportunities to enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic Sea. You can do your first dive with our instructors. Qualified diving instructors and professional diving equipment guarantee your safety. The test dive time is 30 minutes. A test dive can be from the shore or from a boat.



The patrol boat PBR 512 was sunk in 1983. Ship length - 40m, width - 6m. It is located at a depth of 25m and in very good condition. A wreck that can be visited by all categories of divers.


Diving sites "Submarine tunnels" in Montenegro - interesting positions for diving. The tunnels were military facilities where Yugoslav submarines were based.


The diving location "Rose" in Montenegro is marked as historic because you can see old fragments of pottery, anchors, cannonballs, etc.


When diving at the Mamula location, you can see anchors, cannonballs as well as various underwater life of the Adriatic.


Cape Kobila - diving here is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers, who are diving in Montenegro. Various species of underwater inhabitants inhabit the reef of Cape Kobila.


The ship "Galija" was built and sank in the 16th century. Ship length - 35m., Width - 11m. It is located at a depth of 33 m. Parts of the ship, anchors and cannons can be seen.


The Austro-Hungarian torpedo boat "Golesnica" series 76T is located at a depth of 33m. Ship length - 57m., Width - 5m. The ship is in good condition. Wreck only for experienced divers.


The Austro-Hungarian ship "Tihani", transporting coal, sank in 1917. Ship length - 45m., Width - 5m. It is located at a depth of 42m. An extraordinary wreck in Montenegro that is worth visiting.


Blue Cave - a large cave with unique lighting, which is why the sea water in it is a fantastic blue color. It is inhabited by many underwater worlds.


Zlatna vala - one of the largest underwater caves in Montenegro, 25 m long, without natural light. Lobsters, octopuses, shrimps, etc. can be seen.
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Did you know:

• That the person who spent the longest time under the sea while researching for the cult film Titanic was the director of this film, James Cameron. He spent a total of 462 hours under the sea and jokingly stated that he made the film just to have an excuse to dive?

• That an 82-pound man burns an average of about 600 calories in one hour of diving?
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