A new form of extreme sport in Montenegro is FlyBoarding.
A Flyboard is a special type of board equipped with an 18-meter-long hose that can be connected to a turbo water engine, which provides thrust for the rider to fly up to 10 m over water.
We organize each tour based on the client's preferences. Accordingly, we have two types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: flyboarding with all the necessary equipment
• MEDIUM PACKAGE 1: a combination of the basic package and a meal

Important information:

• We organize tours with our instructors;
• The tours are arranged with experienced instructors

The maximum number of people on one flyboard is one
A maximum of three flyboards can be booked;
Flyboarding may be combined with yachting, cruising, kayaking, jet skiing, speed boating, etc.
All clients are insured during the program;
Flyboard accessories include belts, gloves, and helmets.

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Did you know:

That Flyboard was first introduced at the Jet Ski World Championships in China in 2012?

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