Montenegro provides plenty of opportunities for sightseeing even for the most ardent animal lovers. Throughout history, horse breeding has been considered an elite, aristocratic occupation. Horseback riding was an important subject to teach to the future heirs to the throne - the children of aristocrats. In addition to being pleasant, horseback riding is also a useful pastime. Nothing can compare to walking on a beach, riding a horse and enjoying nature and the sea while breathing fresh air and admiring the surroundings. Being around beautiful and strong animals will evoke strong and positive emotions in you. This activity is suitable for both individuals and groups.
A horseback riding tour stands out as an unusual way to explore the country. Tours can be arranged at different locations, from Velika Plaza in Ulcinj to Ada Bojana and Rumija.

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• MULTI-DAY TOURS lasting from 2 to 10 days.

Each tour is tailored to the client's needs. We offer three types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: the riding tour with all the necessary equipment;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package and a meal;
• FULL PACKAGE: a combination of the basic package, meals and accommodation.

Important information:

• Horseback riding tours are arranged with experienced guides
•The minimum number of participants is 2
•The maximum number of people per group / per guide is 10

•In addition to the above activities, tours can also incorporate a combination of the following activities: jeep safaris, quad trips, cruising, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, camping, hunting, fishing, home visits, and wine tasting;
• All clients are insured during the program
• Equipment for horseback riding tours include: saddles, helmets, and first aid kit.

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Did you know:

• That the longest beach on the Adriatic Sea - Velika Plaza in Ulcinj - is located in Montenegro? This beach is 13 kilometers long and characterized by fine sand with healing properties.

• That you can cross the river and spend the night by the sea?

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