Ski touring is a way to ski in the wilderness, i.e. outside of ski resorts. It allows you to travel through winter areas on skis alone, without ski lifts or snowmobiles. This is possible because, unlike in alpine skiing, the bindings allow the heel to be raised for a more natural walk uphill or on flat terrain. Contrary to Nordic skiing, where the heel is always free, in touring skiing the heel can be fixed and downhill skiing can be done in classic alpine style. Ski touring is closely connected with hiking, mountaineering, as well as skiing, both alpine and nordic.
Ski touring develops exceptional fitness and mental stability. Navigating your way through snowy terrain is an essential aspect of ski touring. Ski touring can take skiers to mountain areas that are deserted in winter, where they can experience real peace and quiet.

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• One-day tours lasting between 1 and 5 hours
• MULTI-DAY TOURS lasting up to 7 days

In accordance with the wishes of our clients, we offer the following:

• BASIC PACKAGE: ski touring with all the necessary equipment
• MEDIUM PACKAGE: ski touring and a meal
• FULL PACKAGE: a combination of a basic package, meals and accommodation.

Important information:

• The tours are arranged with our guides
• The minimum number of people for the implementation of an activity is 2
•There is a maximum of 12 participants (per guide) for the realization of the activity
•There is the possibility of organizing tours that combine the following activities: snowmobile tours, quad tours in accessible areas in winter, snowshoe tours, visits to local households, making an ice bar, and making igloos
•Each tour is accompanied by a guide
•All clients are insured during the program

The ski equipment (Alpine Touring (AT) - eng, randonnée - fr) is specially designed for use on steep terrain.

Ski touring equipment includes skis, boots, poles, and ski clothing.

The backpack is the basic piece of equipment, which must contain a first aid kit, spare clothes, and food and drink.


Did you know :

•That this discipline originated in Europe in 1894, when its "father", the German Wilhelm von Arlt, climbed 3,103 meters to the top of Sonnblick in Austria and skied from its peak?
•That one of the ski touring pioneers was John Snowshoe Thompson, who used skis to ascend and descend the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California when delivering mail to remote mining shafts?
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