Montenegro is becoming an internationally recognized destination for winter tourism. In the mountainous part there are several ski centers, the most famous of which are Ski Center Kolašin 1450, Ski Center 1600 and Ski Center Savin Kuk in Zabljak. Few sports have a versatile impact on the development of the body such as skiing. It encourages the development of the apparatus for movement, contributes to the development of conative and cognitive abilities and positive socialization of the personality. For those who do not have experience in skiing, we offer them alternatives - skiing with a ski bike that develops safety, self-confidence and motivates to faster adoption of skiing techniques.

Explorer DMC Active offers:

• ONE-DAY ski engagements;
• MULTI-DAY ski engagements.

We organize each tour depending on the client's wishes. Accordingly, we have three types of packages:

• BASIC PACKAGE: ski equipment + hill strike + ski pass;
• MEDIUM PACKAGE: combination of basic package + meal;
• FULL PACKAGE: combination of basic package + meals + accommodation;

Important information:

• Min number of the persons to buy the package - 1;
• Max number of the persons to buy the package - 10;
• There is a possibility to buy packages with some of the following activities: free ride skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing, snowshoe tours, quad tours in accessible parts during the winter months, jeep safari tours, snowmobile tours, winter rafting, visits to local households;


Did you know: 

• That the adopted skiing technique is automated and stored in permanent memory, which allows you to practice it until old age, which means that skiing cannot be forgotten, as well as swimming, skating, cycling and some other sports ?

Presentation of ski resorts in Montenegro

 Presentation of ski resorts in Montenegro